What is the best way to design a public space?

Coffey Architects has a huge commitment to producing innovative and contemporary designs. Through the years, we have used our skills in commercial architecture to great effect. Thanks to us, clients have been able to achieve renovations, new builds, remodels, and much more. We have also won a number of awards.

Public spaces are typically under-appreciated and overlooked a lot of the time. It is likely that the average individual won’t pay much attention to the places they visit. When beautifully designed and well executed however, public spaces draw people in. They grab attention and are hard to ignore.

Relaxing yet functional

Commercial architectureFor your public space to succeed, one thing you must do is intertwine relaxation with functionality. Distinct, clear routes in public areas channel foot traffic. They do so in order to aid the space’s functionality. At the same time, they open up voluntary leisure spaces. For example you can provide seating to give people a place to stop and rest. This can be very important for all those individuals who usually rush around and have nowhere to sit and take a few minutes.


You will want to think about supplying cover as well. This is not something that is entirely necessary. For certain public spaces, it might not even be doable. But, it is always worth thinking about.

Exterior spaces can be immensely popular on those hot summer days. They let users soak the sun up and take advantage of the warm weather. However, bad weather can have the opposite effect. Public areas possessing cover could be considered a top pick for those wanting to travel outside. This is without worrying about the weather. For maximum use, you should make it so the public space is usable all-year round.

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