Using engineered timber to create iconic commercial architecture

The popularity of timber in construction continues to grow, both in the residential and commercial sectors. In fact, plans for the largest office complex built from the material were recently revealed. The plan is to create three stepped buildings in Newark, New Jersey that rise six, eight and eleven stories. In total this will create 500,000 square metres of space, making it the largest piece of timber commercial architecture in the USA. Continue reading

Revolutionising hotel design and commercial architecture

John C. Portman Jr. left a lasting impact on commercial architecture around the world. He came to the fore in the 1960s when downtown neighbourhoods across the US were in decline with people relocating to the suburbs instead. His designs sought to attest this, attracting more people to move back to these areas. Although this didn’t happen in many cases he created many cities within cities, including buildings that were attractive to shoppers, businesses and visitors. Continue reading