The best new libraries in the world

AR is celebrating new libraries (as well as other buildings for books) this year and will give an award to the best design. They have a shortlist of the 15 most exciting and creative buildings built from January 2013. The properties are from all over the world, ranging from London to Australia. The designs are stunning examples of public and commercial architecture. Continue reading

Making yours a green office

It may be because you’re expanding your operations or you might be starting from scratch. Whatever the case, every company needs a suitable space to operate from. This is where we come in. Our establishment is the leading specialist for commercial architecture London has. We can assist you in creating something that suits your needs. Continue reading

Key aspects to remember with commercial architecture

Coffey Architects is a team known for creating amazing spaces through innovative commercial architecture. In order to achieve great results from your project, there are various things to remember. This allows for a modern and flexible space suitable for today’s workforce. Whether it is a new build or a development for your existing property, you need to think about different elements with care. Continue reading