Concrete and its place in commercial architecture

Concrete is a hugely popular choice of material for all kinds of building projects. This includes a wide array of commercial architecture. It is often a huge part of office buildings, parking structures, and skyscrapers. In fact, this is the manmade material that is the most widely used when it comes to building jobs.

Experimentation and innovation

Commercial architectureDue to how often people use it and a desire to be more considerate of the environment and consequences of building, architects and designers work with concrete a lot. This allows them to try out different things such as integrating bio-based materials. Another example is reducing cement in GFRC, or glass fibre reinforced concrete. As a result of this work, concrete can still be a part of more sustainable cities.

It is rather easy to see examples of concrete in use in the majority of urban areas across the world. While you might not notice it as you go through life, there are a number of benefits of using this material.

Reasons to look to concrete

If you are looking for a medium that allows you to be imaginative, this is a great choice. Architects and designers can form a huge number of moulds and structures with concrete. It is a fluid building material as you can use it for outdoor spaces, can pour foundations, and do much more.

Concrete is an incredibly durable material and you can reinforce it for even more strength. It can handle heavy loads as well as natural disasters. You can find classic examples of concrete structures that have withstood the test of time, including the Pantheon and Coliseum in Rome.

It is also worth noting that concrete is fire resistant, meaning it acts as a great barrier to help with loss and damage. Furthermore, its availability is geographic. So, there is no need to ship the material long distances. This allows you to support the local economy and be more environmentally friendly.

Work with us to create commercial architecture

Considering its value and all the advantages of use it offers, it is easy to see why concrete is so popular. However it is still important to use it carefully and think about how to be greener with it.

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