The triangle is a vital part of commercial architecture

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commercial architectureThe thing about excellent architecture is that it is mainly about shapes. Some of the main considerations here are the mathematical elements. This is the case when you design any sort of standing structure. Without properly understanding this, you are not going to get far with your projects.

Our aim here is to discuss how triangles have come to influence the landscape of commercial structures so you can use them in your designs. They are one of the most predominant shapes for many good reasons.

A structurally sound shape

The triangle is without doubt one of the most structurally sound shapes in the world. In comparison to a square or rectangle, you can’t distort a triangle just like that. You would have to change the length of its sides or disassemble a joint. However, there is an easy way of strengthening those two shapes. It is by introducing supports shaped like a triangle across the diagonal length.

A sole support between two lengths substantially strengthens a square or rectangle. It does this by altering them into two triangles. Triangulation of any substance eradicates lateral distortion. What it does is redirect weight from one location to a bigger area capable of supporting the weight. This is especially critical when constructing support beams for bridges and roofs.

Stronger roofs and bridges

Before the introduction of triangles, roofs and bridges were weak. As a result they could not hold that much weight. To overcome this issue, builders would place a post in the middle of the squares. This would make them incredibly sturdy and robust. The centre post transforms the squares into a pair of triangles. As a result they evenly distribute the weight.

Designing commercial architecture

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