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How grand is your entrance?

The entrance to a commercial building is important for several reasons. Firstly it is one of the main visual elements of the property. Secondly, it is vital for accessibility. Thirdly, it can have an impact on the interior of the lobby. Finally, it has an impact on the security of the property. With so much importance, it is one part of the commercial architecture you need to get right. Continue reading

Three simple ways to enhance your commercial architecture

Commercial architectureWhether it is an office block, a shopping centre, or a small boutique, commercial architecture can be a huge asset. However, you need to work hard to maintain these properties. If you don’t, wear and tear over time can ruin them. This could turn off tenants and make them look elsewhere for space. It could also put off their customers, costing them business, and again making them look to move. If it is the building for your own business, it could be costing you dearly. Continue reading

Create a balance and changing your mind

We stand out from other architectural firms because we go above and beyond to help clients with everything they desire. You might be someone that is currently looking for help with commercial architecture. If so, you can trust our award winning team to handle the elements of your project. We can also handle the entire thing if you want the full comprehensive service. Continue reading