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How to design an amazing small office

Commercial architectureWhen you think about commercial architecture the first things that probably come to mind are huge office blocks and large shopping centres. However, businesses don’t always have massive spaces to play with. Some prefer to keep things small and personal. The smaller size doesn’t mean these commercial spaces should be any less incredible. In fact, they can be just as eye catching as large ones. Continue reading

Accessibility is a key feature for commercial architecture

The best commercial architecture has the ability to satisfy the needs of many different stakeholders. For example, it should have features and spaces to suit all kinds of visitors and people who work in the building. For the latter it needs to cater for various types of working, including private spaces, meeting rooms, and more. Then, the building also needs all the necessary support facilities such as bathrooms. However, accessibility is more important than all of this. If people can’t easily come and go, the property will fail. Continue reading

Adaptive reuse can give new life to buildings

High profile events like the Olympics and World Cup can have a huge impact on host cities and countries. One potential issue is the legacy for the stadiums and buildings that host parts of the events. Some of them only see a small amount of use and then become difficult to manage and maintain. In many cases they simply become empty and derelict. However, adaptive reuse can transform them so they get a new lease of life. This can make them amazing pieces of commercial architecture, homes or public buildings. Continue reading