Understand what your office says about your business

Coffey Architects has a long history of creating innovative designs. When we work on a project, we commit to it completely. This puts clients at ease because they know that professionals are handling of all the work. No one performs to the standard that we do with commercial architecture.

Commercial architectureSomething that is finding its way into our society is additional mindful work practices. Methods like mood boarding, meditating, and hot decking in the workplace are more common today. This is all to do with our mental health and wellbeing. Our efforts can enhance these elements. These can also come in a variety of shapes. Architecture is not the exception here.

We produce the working environment using design and architecture. The company culture is going to feed off this. This, or the business’ personality, then influences employee lives. The building you are working in throughout the week might not make you feel proactive or inspire you. In this case, you can’t expect employees to be all that successful.


Thankfully, businesses are realising how significant architecture is. They know it plays a critical role in the workplace. You don’t need to go out of your way to make your offices like Facebook’s or something similar. Just redesign what you have already so you can cement your company culture.

Think about the occupants

The leading forms of architecture also reflect their occupants. Think about a huge historical bank or a university. Places like these are aware of their brands. They will portray them through their chosen architecture. Buildings of this calibre want to appear impactful as well as professional. They want people to know they are significant in their setting. It is possible for them to do this with huge pillars, stone steps, and open spaces.

Developing your commercial architecture

At Coffey Architects, we can assist you with all the aspects of your project. This includes planning applications, project management, and development branding. These elements, as well as others, come together to create first rate architecture.

If you would like our help with commercial architecture, please give our team a call. You can also learn more about us and see some of our work on our website.