Timber cladding can weather

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As time passes, materials show their age. Being exposed to the exterior elements so much can weather even the most durable of substances. Timber cladding is a material people use quite often in commercial projects. However, it is not exempt from weathering. Over time, your cladding’s appearance is going to transform as it is left open to cold, wind, rain, and sun.  If you maintain it properly though, most cladding can endure for five decades.


It is critical that all timber cladding users comprehend the fact that the wood shall mature in time. They must also know about the effect this will have on the build. Once in position, the wood is open to the elements. Sun, moisture, and rain all influence the timber’s characteristics and result in weathering. The initial recognisable effect is the temporary staining of your material. This is the consequence of the wood extracts moving to the surface. From there, they oxidise. As this progresses, the timber’s exterior shall turn rough too.

Prepare for the ageing

What you can do here is treat the wood correctly and prepare for the ageing. Doing so can really complement your build. This will give your project a notable look.

Depending on how you design your project, you can also delay the weathering effects. For instance, you can shelter the cladding from the sun or rain to some extent. When preparing your build, you must take the use of your cladding into account so you know where to put it.

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