Boost your business by boosting your exterior design

commercial architectureIf you have been struggling to bring your vision to life, then you should try seeking professional assistance. For years, our team has been taking on projects involving commercial architecture, homes, public buildings and more. The type of project does not matter, nor does its size; in every situation, we commit ourselves to meeting your specifications.

Anyone who owns a commercial property will tell you that you should design it to satisfy your tastes. At the same time, you must do this for your clients. Your property needs to have the potential to convey a distinct extension of yourself. To ensure this happens, you must get the exterior design correct. Read on if you would like some tips on how to do this.


One of the most important steps is to create a cohesive design. Every part of your structure has to look as if it belongs together. This isn’t the easiest task to complete. However, it is possible to use unique materials in areas that have different purposes. Such action allows you to manufacture a cohesive layout and natural flow. Furthermore, you should use your knowledge of light to create natural transitions by mixing the sections.

A remarkable addition

You need to design a remarkable front entrance as well. Aside from painting this area, picking two tints or shades can be highly effective. You could opt to use contrasting, bold colours to make the door stand out. Always favour bolder shades for this part than the rest of your construct.

Apart from colour, you can introduce separate features to freshen the front door up. To spice things up further, add some entrance seats, style-lighting, rugs, and plants. These all add to the entrance’s general appeal.

Designing commercial architecture

At Coffey Architects, we will make sure you give enough attention to every part of your commercial architecture. Whether it is the front entrance or the rooftop you are thinking about, our team will make it shine.

If you ever need our help, feel free to contact us. In addition, you can browse our website to learn more about our company, past projects, and more.