The tactics that can make a small space feel bigger

Even with the best residential and commercial architecture, spaces can end up a little small. However, adopting a few design tactics can quickly make any room feel bigger. Below we talk about some tips and tricks for people who want to transform their small space into a more welcoming area.

Through colour

As a general rule, you should use light colours for the basis of your colour scheme. Decorating walls with neutral shades like beige and cream will reflect more light than darker options. This will create a room that feels airy and fresh rather than dark and dingy.

Despite what we have said, don’t be afraid to use a bit of bright colour in your space. You should mainly stick with pale shades but a vivid touch can create a room that feels very inviting.

Through de-cluttering

Removing clutter from a small space is crucial if you want to stop it from feeling cramped. If you have a lot of items that you need and cannot remove, invest in smart storage. There are many innovative solutions out there that will help you keep all of your items in order and out of sight. This offers people more space to work and move around in, and can also reduce stress.

Through lighting

You need to place plenty of windows throughout your space to allow for a wealth of natural light. In addition to this, you need to consider your options for when the sun sets. You should place lights and fixtures all around the room so it is somewhere that feels welcoming and spacious. If you try and use a single large ceiling lamp, you will end up creating somewhere that feels shadowy and enclosed.

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