The reasons you can’t afford to not work with an architect

At Coffey Architects, we know all about what it takes to complete a successful building project. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial architecture services, we can work closely with you. This will provide you with results that you will love.

You need to use an architect

With any building project, you want to stretch your budget as much as possible. When you have a builder to complete the work, you might want to forget about hiring an architect. However, using a professional can in fact save you money.

A quality architect, preferably from a RIBA Chartered Practice, is your best choice. They can work with you to improve your ideas as much as possible. They will also have up to date knowledge of building practices and regulations. This helps you establish whether your ideas are feasible. Then they can help you get in the best position when it comes to submitting planning applications.

A professional can manage the design and the build for you. By taking control of these processes, you get to know that the project will go smoothly and avoid complications that can be time consuming and costly. They can also help choose a contractor that is competent and insured.

The architect you work with will ensure your vision comes to life by conveying this to the building team. They will check that the work is going ahead as it should so that it complies with building regulations and is safe.

Furthermore, they will use their extensive construction knowledge. This is to look at the choices for building materials and the design brief so that you get the most from your budget.

The architect will also use their knowledge to avoid mistakes that can be very expensive. This way you won’t have to worry about going over the budget for the project.

A leading architectural firm

Our vast experience in residential and commercial architecture, combined with our talented members of staff, makes us the people you can rely on. Working with us allows you the chance to enjoy a first class service and amazing results for your building project. Get in touch today to speak to Coffey Architects.