Can building more structures with timber solve climate change?

At Coffey Architects we complete leading work in residential and commercial architecture. We can provide you with a structure that meets all of your needs. More importantly, we have experience with a range of high quality materials. As a result we can select the right ones for your design. Our passions also include working to try and tackle environmental issues.

A potential solution for climate change?

Wood is a fantastic material because trees take carbon out of the air and lock it away. When you use timbers to create buildings, the carbon remains within the materials rather than releasing it. This is the reason why there is a popular belief that the future of architecture is timber.

Rather than using wood to act as a mould for concrete, structures can almost entirely use timber. This weighs approximately 20% of what concrete would. A smaller load allows for minimal foundations, cutting down on concrete and steel use. As a result, this saves resources.

An unhealthy dependency

People use a great deal of concrete and steel to build everything from huge sports stadiums and commercial architecture to homes. But, this harms the environment. For example, concrete accounts for 4% – 8% of Earth’s carbon dioxide emissions. This material is the second most used substance in the world, following water. To combat this, there are a huge number of architects who argue that we need to return to using timber as a primary building material.

Wood from sustainable forests stores carbon rather than emitting it. In fact, trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow. Using wood removes more carbon dioxide from our atmosphere than is added through manufacturing.

There was a recent report on the use of biomass. It found that levels of greenhouse gas abatement is greatest when people use timber as a construction material. The wood stores carbon and displaces high carbon materials like steel and cement.

Out of all the homes built in the UK every year, 15% – 28% of them use timber frame construction. This captures more than 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. Increasing how much timber people use within construction could help triple this.

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When it comes to commercial architecture, considering the environment is very advantageous. You can play your role in helping the world and enjoy a high quality building as well as lower energy usage costs. In addition, you can demonstrate to people your passion and design nous.

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