Designing with the work/living crossover in mind

One of the most incredible things about commercial architecture is modern buildings are taking on more elements you would find in a home. This is happening because of a big work/living crossover. Look at a contemporary office and you will likely find places to eat, relax, and do other non-work activities. These spaces are essential now and can really benefit staff.

Making a building more useful

The big change is that people are happy to do work in more places than ever before. They are no longer restricted to desks and meeting rooms. Instead there is more freedom to be informal. A lot of meetings are now in cafes or places where other work is going on in the background.

The end result is that buildings need to accommodate the changing demands and uses. There is less need for static desks and cubicles. In fact these areas can put people off from working and affect their productivity. A better option is to choose an open flexible layout for the space. More buildings have cafes and restaurants on site too.

The focus should be on getting people to enjoy being in the workplace. If you design the space so that people want to use it, they will really benefit.

Work with an architect

If you are thinking about designing a building with a great work/living balance, call on us. We have a team of architects with a lot of experience in this area. In fact we have successfully redesigned a number of spaces. This can be trickier than starting from scratch but it is not impossible. We just need to see what we can save, what needs to change, and create the perfect balance.

The aim with our designs is to inspire creativity, productivity, and performance. We can work with you to ensure we get everything right. The work can also celebrate your brand and business philosophies.

If you have any questions about commercial architecture or want to work with us, please get in touch. You can also view some of our projects on our main website.