The connection between commercial architecture and wellbeing

We live in a world where space means a lot. Workplaces can improve wellbeing and happiness when you make the right decisions with the commercial architecture. You need it to be an environment people enjoy working in. It should stimulate workers and promote social interactions. It is also important that the space can adapt to the changing nature of technology and work.

Making A Space People Want To Be In

People will spend around 90% of their time indoors. Because of this, we need to make sure that the spaces they occupy make them happy and don’t impede health. This applies to all spaces including those for working and living. Elements that can create a happier way of life and lift mood include materials and location. Others are space planning, design, and lighting strategies.

Domestic settings are the same as workplaces in the sense that a design strategy that might work for one project won’t work for another. The architect you choose to work with needs to understand your company. They can then consider ideas that will create a physical space that works for your team.

Being Green

One example of something that can have a huge impact on how a space influences people is its “greenness”. This is an aspect more architects are focusing on when they take on projects. For retail, a green design can increase the amount of time people will spend in the building. A green space can also lower stress levels and promote wellbeing. Furthermore, it can improve air quality and reduce the impact of noise pollution.

A huge number of people love it when a building has fantastic views of the outdoors and plenty of natural lighting. One study shows that people working in a green environment are more productive, happier, and perform better. This is when you compare them to anyone working in a more traditional environment.

We have a vast amount of experience that enables us to get amazing results from commercial architecture projects. Work with us and contact Coffey Architects now to discuss the details. We will use your ideas to create a design that is ideal for you.