The elements of successful commercial architecture

We are an architectural firm that has had the honour to work for clients throughout the UK. In addition, we have done work for individuals who live and work abroad. People rely on us because they know we are a top establishment with experience designing commercial architecture. Our team would be more than willing to assist you too.

Commercial building design differs from residential in many ways. Saying this, both still have to meet the regulations for structural integrity and safety. It is the same for the building codes set by the municipality or city. Here are some of the major ways in which the two types of projects diverge.

Always consider the needs

Firstly, we will discuss building needs. Residential projects concentrate on one need, which is supplying living space. Commercial ones on the other hand have several distinct purposes. Usually, this is the case within the same project.

Retail structures demand delivery and storage space. They also require a design that promotes easy shopper access and product display. Some structures may need cooking and restaurant space. A place for easy waste collection may be another critical feature.

Hospitals, libraries, and schools shall have requirements that differ to these. More importantly, every retail space will be unique so you must meet the very specific needs.


Scale is another important difference. Large constructs like warehouses, schools, and retail malls are more convoluted. This is when you compare them to smaller structures. The reason why is that size has a direct influence on the design. It makes meeting structural obligations and building codes more difficult. However, doing so is essential to guaranteeing the building’s integrity and the inhabitants’ safety.

At Coffey Architects, we aid our clients with every part of their projects. This includes things like design and planning permission in addition to the build. We love sharing ideas and looking at the ways we can add more value to a project.

So, if you need help with commercial architecture, you should contact us. We will see to it that things go your way, making sure you get a design you love.