Getting creative with office layouts

People consider us to be a top business specialising in commercial architecture. We have experience of working on a large number of projects. On each one, we go above and beyond to ensure that we meet our clients’ requirements. This includes helping with things like planning as well as gaining permission to build.

Changing your office layout does not need to be expensive or time consuming. There are some simple tips and tricks you can use. They work if you are improving your current office or moving to another space. If you are ready for some inspiration, then here are some of the coolest layout suggestions around.


The first layout we have is the Newsroom. Essential features here include flexible seating, open space, and desk clusters. It is ideal for fast work that demands a huge level of collaboration.

This kind of design comes in handy when communication is essential. Additionally, it helps when impromptu meetings are common. Anyone who does not have time to scan schedules or book conference rooms will want to consider this layout.

Artist Loft

Next, we have the Artist Loft. The key features here are pops of colour, white boards, and long gallery desks. Such an arrangement is perfect for work that is highly visual and creative.

Inside an office like this, creators are free to design things alongside one another. With the white boards lining the office’s borders, there is a very free flow of ideas. This is the case even if people are focusing on separate projects. They can easily look at each other’s sketches for ideas.

At Coffey Architects, we can assist you in finding the right layout for your building. We don’t specialise in a single style. Instead, we tailor every design so that they are suitable for the space and needs. We can be really creative in bringing your ideas to life.

If you wish to work with a passionate firm with an excellent track record with commercial architecture, please get in touch. We are an award winning practice and always create stunning designs.