Providing excellent services in residential architecture across London

Such is the level of reverence and respect the city is held in – as much worldwide as it is nationally – many assume that the potential for residential architecture London has is limited, is not non-existent. Whilst it is true that few would wish to harm the appearance of this great city, many overlook that it is the vibrancy of the changing dynamics of its appearance to reflect periods in history which so endears London in hearts and minds. With this in mind, the celebrated architect Phil Coffey established Coffey Architects with a mind to deliver to London the perfect blend of traditional sensibilities and modern practicalities to the city. The success of this can be measured not just by the number of projects delivered or awards received in London, but also by considering the significant number of projects – both across the UK and throughout the rest of the world – they have been called upon to present and fulfil.

Coffey Architects are celebrated for delivering the style of residential architecture London demands, doing so in a way that never allows sight or focus of the clients’ requests and requirements being met. The team of architects and designers Phil Coffey has assembled are infused with the knowledge and the ability to preserve a touch and a sense of London in appearance when drawing up plans for renovations or a new build in accordance with the wishes of our clients. Our peerless abilities ensure that neither element is ever compromised, delivering projects that match all aspects of aspiration, appearance and functionality.

An important factor for Coffey Architects is to retain a sense of the importance of budgetary concerns. Whereas many would assume, in light of the city being regarded as the financial capital of the world, that any proposed residential architecture London residents undertook would be done so with the proverbial “blank cheque” available. This, in these days of economic uncertainty for us all, is far from being the case. We at Coffey Architects are keenly aware of the fact that simply throwing money at something does not automatically make it better as a general rule, and on a specific level it is certainly not true of architecture. All work that Phil Coffey and his team undertake pay particular attention to budgetary matters, being mindful to ensure that their unique services can accommodate tight and restrained budget concerns.

Whether you are looking for some renovation work, an extension to be built or a rebuild or new build to undertaken, time and again Coffey Architects have proven to be the preferred choice for delivering the perfectly managed completed project.