Architects like us can help define a great city like London

Finding the finest and most suitable architects London has available to suit your specific needs and requirements can be a challenge. We at Coffey Architects are delighted to present you with a service that will meet your expectations, no matter what lavish plans or limited budget your design ideas have. Phil Coffey, one of the youngest architects ever to be invited to have a presence in the prestigious Faces of British Architecture Exhibition, has created a team of the finest, most dedicated architects that share his vision, but more importantly are confident about their ability to blend your vision and aspirations with their skills.

Whether you are looking to construct, renovate or rebuild your home, Coffey Architects have the proven skill and talent to realise your ideas as working architectural plans. We have worked extensively with Victorian and Edwardian properties of all natures, creating plans that transform homes into ones that reflect modern living trends whilst ensuring that they retain their sense of history and character, seamlessly blending in with the vibrant, dynamic surroundings that make London the unique, loved city that it is. The same values remain true of the new, modern homes we are consulted to create designs and plans for, ensuring our architecture meets the expectations and wishes of our clients whilst blending appreciation and respect for the sensibilities and style of London.

Our RIBA award winning work has naturally seen us become sought after outside of London. We have risen to this challenge and have successfully completed work for locations both across the UK and internationally. Phil Coffey’s passion for perfection has seen him travel extensively, with his photographic observations of the flair and style of architecture worldwide being imbued in his work and presented at several exhibitions. There is no location in the world that Coffey Architects, one of the leading lights of architects London has to shine across the globe, are not comfortable with working in to deliver your expectations.

Our architectural skills and highly sought-after project management talent will ensure your ambitions and dreams for any home project – from an extension to a dynamic rejuvenating reconstruction – are fulfilled. Our values and focus are on enabling you to only reach for a dream, but also to be able to have it, grab it and live it.

If you are thinking of making changes to your home or property but don’t know where to start – or even if you are unsure if you dare to – we are here to help. Contact our offices for a friendly chat about what you have in mind, or what you are thinking, and we will listen, advising you not about if it is possible, but how we can make it real for you.