Commercial architecture has a long history

A peculiar dilemma facing the world of commercial architecture in the 21st Century is how best to retain a sense of the traditions and history of the area and surroundings of a modern design, delivering in the end a balance between a striking, bold and inspiring structure that does not seem out of place in or forced on its surrounding area. It takes a rather special, precious talent to be able to – time and again – have the vision, flair and natural skills to be able to achieve this. Phil Coffey is one of those fortunate, dedicated few that has this talent, with a natural affinity for design being complemented with an all encompassing, challenging path of learning being followed to refine this talent. This has led to Phil Coffey, and the team of similar minded individuals he has brought together to form Coffey Architects, being regarded and rewarded as the most sought after, celebrated architect London has.

Coffey Architects have proudly been at the forefront of challenging conventions and assumption in respect of commercial architecture, leading thinking away from the basis of practical, functional buildings that bore little of value in respect of aesthetic style and appearance. Practicality and functionality are, of course, of vital importance and of primary concern when considering a commercial property, but Coffey Architects have shown that thinking does not have to cease the moment these two factors have been met. The approach taken is to embody, if not infuse, the sense of style and appearance of the commercial property with the bold, stark ambitions, aspirations and values of the company the building will represent. The appearance of a building will in most cases be the first glimpse of your business someone will get, making it of great importance that it generates the impression you wish to project to the world.

In all commercial architecture Coffey Architects carry out, care is taken to include those most treasured of 21t Century values, those of energy efficiency and of being environmentally friendly. Phil Coffey is at the forefront of incorporating elements such as photovoltaic glazing and intelligent, intuitive insulation and ventilation into projects seamlessly, ensuring that they function as intended but provide neither an obtrusion nor a distraction from the main purpose and design of a building.

The architectural work, designs and projects undertaken by Coffey Architects have had such a strong impact on the appearance of London that they have been called upon to deliver projects across the UK and around the entire globe. Time and again Coffey Architects have underlined their status as the leading commercial architects presently working, seeking to and ensuring that they do deliver expectation defying projects.