Proud to be considered as respectable architects serving London

Coffey Architects rather enjoy their place, despite the numerous awards won and calls from around the world for their services, as one of the best kept secrets amongst the architects London has to offer. Whilst some designers rather like the attention their work can attract, for Phil Coffey and his select team of the finest, most gifted architects currently working, the view is that all attention should be on the architectural work itself with the satisfaction and meeting of the clients’ wishes and ideas being met serving as the most truly awarding recognition possible.

Phil Coffey has been working in architecture for some 15 years, with the last decade seeing the rise and growth of Coffey Architects, a practice that attracts the most talented and sought after architects London has to offer. Whereas we are proud of our awards and recognition over the years, including both winning RIBA awards and Phil being extended the prestigious honour of sitting on the RIBA judging panel, our focus is always forward and progressive, looking to see how we can meet the challenges of fulfilling your aspirations for architectural designs and plans. To us our recognized and rewarded success so far serves only to stand as a standard we must surpass on the next project.

With projects undertaken in both London and across the UK as well as around the world, Coffey Architects have established their name by ensuring all the needs and expectations of your project are met. We go beyond the world of architectural design and development to ensure that strategic project management, from insurance matters to Health & Safety regulations requirements, is in place on the grounds where the construction will take place. We respect the trust you have placed in us by allowing us to create a reality from your dreams and aspirations for your property, showing this by handling all matters related to it on your behalf.

Of all the architects London has serving the city, we at Coffey Architects are honoured that our founder Phil is a regular, invited tutor at the School of Architecture, as well as being invited frequently to give his critical thoughts to architectural students at London’s highly regarded Bartlett School. This level of recognition from his peers speaks volumes of the sought after services Coffey Architects offer. To see how our services can help you meet your requirements – from the seemingly simplest of extensions or renovations to the most sweeping of grand designs for a new building – contact us today for a friendly chat about what you have in mind and we will give all the supportive assistance we can.