Commercial architecture is a powerful service that we can offer

The commercial architecture services brought to the world by Coffey Architects have become increasingly more in demand from around the world in the last decade. The unique vision of our founder, Phil Coffey, places our practice in the position to meet the formal, functional and practical requirements that a successful commercial property requires, but also allows for the subtle expression of character and attractive identity that so many buildings in this sector sadly lack.

Our status as a RIBA Chartered Practice means that you have the assurance of the highest levels and standards possible in respect of safety, security and design excellence. This affords you the ability to speak freely of your wishes and aspirations for a commercial building with us, as well as addressing the practical, efficient functioning requirements. We shall work tirelessly to adapt, enhance and incorporate all of your aesthetic and characteristic ambitions within the required parameters of ensuring your commercial building meets all local, regional health & safety requirements and expectations.

With over a decade of award winning design in and around London and the UK behind us, Coffey architects have the distinct honour of being called upon around the world to contribute towards and deliver commercial architecture projects around the world. A particular highlight for us has been the frequent invitations to provide our talents and abilities in China, a nation which does not usually turn to overseas architects for designs. Our record, rewards and recognition for our work in the city of London has seen our reputation travel far further than we had ever imagined possible, with other Asian nations approaching us for their design and construction projects.

We view being approached with the need for commercial architecture plans and delivery as the start of an empathic partnership, with our dedicated, professional team working with you to ensure that all of your requirements and expectations are met, along with needs fulfilled. The delivery of a safe, sustainable and attractive commercial property is what we undertake to do for you and your company.

If you are currently looking at undertaking or commencing a commercial architecture project, we at Coffey Architects welcome being the first step in the right direction to making sure it is a success. Contact us today and either Phil or one of our dedicated, trusted commercial architects will set up time at your convenience to discuss your plans and requirements. This will allow you to express your ideas, hopes and needs, as well as affording us the chance to understand your project and evaluate the requirements from an architectural perspective.