Commercial architecture is the core of our business

The art of Commercial Architecture is one that is all too often neglected or indeed sacrificed for the sake of conformity and functionality. We at Coffey Architects believe that the idea of commercial buildings needing to be functional and not comfortable, as well as conforming without their own character, to be as outdated as, say, trying to impose working conditions from a hundred years ago onto offices today. We in the world of commercial architecture seek to break free from the “but buildings have always looked like this” thinking which dogs designs, seeking to introduce plans that meet your needs, not ones that see your needs be modified to convention.

Phil Coffey has for over a decade been one of the leading names in architects across London, with calls coming from around the world for the skills and services of his practice. The highly sought after residential property projects that Coffey Architects have delivered has seen us make the natural progression into the world of commercial architecture. Our unique approach to designs and planning means that we deliver commercial buildings which are optimised for efficiency and functionality as well as being structurally safe and sound. We also ensure that the building breaks from the cycle of conformity, carrying enough unique characteristics and qualities to stand out, yet not to any undesirably obtrusive level.

The style and sensibilities which Coffey Architects have brought to architecture in London have become in demand and highly sought after around the world. This is as true of our residential work as it is our commercial architecture. Despite the global village, connected nature of the modern world, sometimes one can become insular in their thinking, not always appreciated just how highly valued and greatly desired the skills and unique talents of London’s finest architectures are around the world. Phil Coffey has been at the forefront of exploring and embracing the world, with Asian territories in particular commissioning us to bring a distinct London look to several commercial architectural projects.

Whether in London, across the UK or anywhere around the world, Coffey Architects are able to blend the sophistication and style of London sensibilities into any commercial building project whilst keeping the need to match the surroundings and be functional very much at the forefront of our thinking. The high values we have that sees many entrust us with their home renovation and construction work is extended to the commercial sector, which means that you can take confidence in the care we will take in meeting your requirements.