Interior design and architecture are connected

You need to create an amazing structure for your business if you want the best benefits. However, this has more to do with design than you might first think. You need to carefully plan the interior to improve the quality of the space. This is important regardless of the size of the building.

There are a few different reasons why interior design and architecture go together.


The layout of the space will greatly influence your interior. If you have a design in mind when building, you can create something that you will adore. You need to work with an architect who understands your vision because they will provide you with something that matches what you are looking for.


You need to know about the space you are working with when making choices about the interior. For example, a confined space would require people to work a lot differently than if it were large and open. It is important to you use details of the amount of room to frame your vision.


There are many lines that are crucial in your design such as staircases, ceilings, walls, and doors. You need to understand the use of these so that you can create a space and interior with the perfect look.


Regardless of whether you use LED, incandescent, or natural lighting, you need to make it so that it gives your space the right feel. Natural light is the most desirable so try and use large windows and skylights if you can. Your next best choice is LEDs because they are energy saving and provide great lighting. With a little care and attention to detail, you can use architecture to place the lighting in a way that lights up your building creatively.


The textures you choose to use for building your space play a big role when it comes to interior design. There are colours that will have a unique look when you place them in certain interior spaces. An example of this is making an oversized wall look even bigger with texture. You should take care with the textures you choose to get the right feel and look that you want.

There are many ways that commercial architecture goes hand in hand with interior design. When you choose an expert team of architects like us, they will help bring your vision to life and create a space you will love. To learn more about our award-winning work, get in touch with Coffey Architects today.