What doors can I use in a commercial office?

When someone has a commercial architecture project in mind, it is a great idea to come to us for help. We have an extensive history of assisting people with work like this so we can offer lots of advice. To ensure that the client is happy at the end, we make certain that we meet all of their specifications.

One of the most important elements in a commercial office is the doors you put in. This is something people can struggle with since there are many to choose from. To aid you, we have information on several types below. Read on to find out more.

Glass doors

Firstly, we have glass doors. These are some of the best-looking products available. Those who wish to use them should know that they require high maintenance. You must clean them each day to keep them in shape. The locks can be expensive as well so see to it that you have enough in the budget.

It is possible to get your hands on single or double pane glass doors. The main difference between them is in the frames. They could possess a half frame, a full one, or none at all. The last one isn’t recommended.

Metal doors

These products are also an option. In their simplest form, they are great for storerooms. They are hollow inside and the majority of them have some variety of fire rating. Said ratings inform you how long they can withstand fire. People like to use metal doors because they can drill into them and add company signs.

When you choose doors you need to consider everything from safety to privacy. Maintenance and aesthetics are also important. You may decide wooden doors are the best option. Just make sure they offer the right fireproofing, noise insulation, and style.

At Coffey Architects, we will help you figure out which doors should go where in your property. Our team shall attend to every other vital feature of the commercial architecture too. They won’t leave anything out.

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