We need more energy efficient buildings to meet increasing energy demands

Coffey Architects goes above and beyond to assist its clients. We have the skills to help them with various projects, including commercial architecture. Thanks to our designs, users will thrive in their new workplaces. We always ensure spaces have the right amenities and good acoustics. They will be comfortable and function well too.

The population is increasing and many of us reside in cities. As a result, there is going to be a much bigger demand for energy all over the earth soon. There is an opportunity here to create energy efficient buildings. It has never been more evident either. However, there is a question many people ask. This is whether it is possible to achieve energy efficiency while preserving architectural intent.


There is a key challenge for architects here. It is operating in a manner that is inclusive to others. This way, you can achieve great energy performance. As soon as you overcome this obstacle, you will be able to look at what you must achieve. This is in terms of energy performance and design. Then, you simply need to make it happen.

Environmental integrity

Every building’s environmental integrity must be a vital piece of the design of new constructs. This is in terms of operation and design. It is the same for the renovations of existing buildings.

Designing to be energy efficient enhances quality of life in several ways. Firstly it lowers the damaging influences on our health. Simultaneously, clients are reaping the rewards of environmentally responsible buildings. This is through comfort and health benefits, lower operating costs, and future proofing. More people are realising this.

At Coffey Architects, the work we do adds premium returns on investments. This is because our commercial architecture can actively aid you in attracting and keeping talent. They also encourage collaboration and inspire productivity.

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