Heightening security in a commercial property

If you want to erect the highest quality buildings possible, you’ll need help from a team with the right experience. We have been working for more than a decade, so our people can meet all kinds of distinct requirements. In fact, we have a reputation for creating some of the best commercial architecture.

There’s one crucial detail you must keep in mind when owning a commercial structure; you need to ensure its security. Failing to take the necessary steps means you won’t be able to stop intruders. As a result you’ll be leaving your business vulnerable. You can enhance the security of your building however. The following are things you can do to accomplish this.

Secure entry points

Several entrances may require increased security. If you’re designing commercial architecture, think about where an intruder could enter. Introduce windows and doors of solid construction. Equip them with secure locks as well. During periods where the building is empty, make certain these are all shut and locked. You can also choose secondary protection such as grilles and shutters.

Secure the perimeter

See to it that the perimeter is secure too. Externally speaking, there are numerous ways to guarantee your property’s safety. Burglars might notice that your structure is very well guarded. This can put them off from trying to enter. A secure car park, security lighting, and relevant fencing can all aid you here. However, don’t go overboard by making the place look like a prison. This is one way of putting off prospective employees and clients.


Even after doing all of this, do not take any chances. Regularly examine your building’s elements to check their status. If you have to repair anything, do so immediately. If you invest in good security the last thing you want to do is leave anything that is exploitable.

At Coffey Architects, we assist clients in every way we can. Sometimes, this involves us advising them on security measures for commercial architecture. We will inform you if we believe your design could do with improved security details.

If you would like us to help you, please give our team a call.