Have you designed your commercial landscape properly?

When they require help developing commercial architecture, clients come to us. They know that we have what it takes to meet their personal needs. The buildings we create are functional and comfortable, making it easy for a business to thrive. No matter what industry it is you belong to, we’re certain you’ll enjoy what we have to offer.

The words “we have a problem” are ones we don’t want to hear. Property managers in particular endure late, restless nights when they do. Thankfully there are ways you can avoid having any serious issues. Simply stop yourself from making these common commercial landscape mistakes.


Forgetting the traffic flow is something you don’t want to do with commercial architecture. Your landscape does need to look pleasing, there’s no doubt. However, it must also be functional. You need to make room for parking, considering different vehicles. Anyone making deliveries shall require their space too. As such, your landscape should take the traffic flow of your site into account. Don’t end up creating a triangle of viability problems.

Understand your drainage

Failing to plan the site’s drainage is another mistake people make. You must have sufficient drainage for irrigation and stormwater. This will stop your property from turning into a pond or mud pit.

In addition, excessive water levels can significantly harm your buildings. This may lead to expensive replacements and repairs. Superior landscape designs include drains and hardscape materials. They also include plants and grading. These enable the water to move through your property effectively.

If you make the right moves from the start, you shouldn’t experience any trouble. Like with so many things, good design is the solution. You can also consider the layout of the property and things like the materials you are using.

At Coffey Architects, we remain mindful of every detail, whether it is domestic, public or commercial architecture. This includes things like budget and the environment. We want the final product to please you, so to this end, we take every opportunity to add in attractive elements along the way.

If there is anything you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch. Whether it is a huge project or a small one, rely on the skills our team possess.