Glass – A fantastic material for commercial architecture

With commercial architecture you have many different choices for the materials you use. This will determine the look, costs, carbon footprint and sustainability of the project. One choice that is great for all of these is glass. You can use it as a thoughtful detail or the main building material within a metal frame.

A Loved Medium

As a favourite material for commercial projects, the versatility and aesthetic appeal make glass a wise choice. While it appears to be a fragile option, it is far from it. This material can be manufactured to offer strength, protection, and clear views of your surroundings. Innovations like this have helped architecture develop and led to the creation of some really stunning buildings.

Giving Projects An Amazing Touch

The trend of using glass as a part of all kinds of projects including commercial architecture is not expected to fade. It is not solely for high end structures and exteriors. In fact it is becoming more common in homes too. There are lots of potential uses for the glazing, including glass partitions within buildings and wall systems. It doesn’t matter whether it is a high rise or small project, you can create a brilliant space with glass.

A major benefit with glass is it captures natural light and maximises it within the space. This allows for both aesthetic appeal and energy saving. The right type of glazing can help architects meet structural requirements as well as energy efficiency aims. This is while also providing a luxurious look.

You can get creative with how and where you use glass. Whether it’s fenestrations, cladding, or load-bearing elements, the material can be a part of many areas of your structure. There are different types that are more suited to specific roles. This includes decorative purposes as well as structural use.

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