How architecture can make people happy

There are many things to consider when you want to come up with a great design for residential and commercial architecture. These past few years many people have looked heavily into how an environment affects people and their mood. The aim is to create buildings that offer as much value as they can.

An Important Consideration

Mood and happiness has been a part of architecture for a long time. Now though there is a bigger emphasis on this in the design stage. The idea is very important for commercial buildings where people want to keep employees happy and content. An example of this is the WELL Building Standard. This focuses on health and wellness in relation to design and construction decisions. It also has its own Institute and accreditation scheme, with many projects meeting the standard in the UK.

Industry professionals now have a better understanding of buildings and how they influence people psychologically. There are numerous pieces of research into this. As a result architects know what they should include for positive effects.

Ideas To Incorporate

Green space is popular with countless people because they love being closer to nature. Giving everyone a chance to access it can be beneficial for reducing stress. You can incorporate this into your building through the use of a rooftop garden or by including some green walls. This gives people a place to go and relax.

When you allow light to enter an area it allows people to feel connected to the outside. Large windows allow for better views of the outdoors which prevents people feeling cramped. While you might assume that this would distract people, there is research that has shown it can improve focus.

The presence of natural light in any type of space is of high importance. A lot of people regard sunlight as something great for your health. People also credit this with improving mood and concentration.

Architects can use strategic thinking to work around common design issues. An example of this is how the position of a building can result in certain spaces with a lack of access to natural light. These should be used as areas for things like book storage and placing wall art. Items like this can suffer when there is too much light.

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