Get light and energy management right

Commercial architectureThere are so many great green technologies it would be a shame not to use them in commercial architecture. In fact, choosing the right ones can offer so many benefits that you should not ignore them. For example they can reduce your energy bills, improve the atmosphere, and make it easier to manage your property.

Below we want to take a look at some of the best options, whether you have a small commercial space or a huge building.

Dynamic lighting controls

The most cutting edge lighting controls give you far more flexibility. Everyone has seen automatic lights that turn on and off when people trigger motion sensors. They are great for saving energy because they mean that lights are only on when people are in a space. However, there are systems that are even more advanced. For example, there are options that can specify the amount of illumination they want in areas throughout the day. Each area can have a different light level at any time to suit the user.

Digital display technology

With modern systems and LEDs you can create sophisticated displays for all kinds of different commercial architecture. They can be for adverts, signage, education, wellness, and much more. You can combine systems here to get the best results. What you should do is ensure that the tech you choose is long lasting, low energy, and flexible.

Using solar

Natural daylight is always the best form of lighting in a property. However, there are cases when you have no choice but to choose artificial light. What you should do here is avoid energy intensive products. Instead you can opt for more efficient LEDs. They can provide a better quality of light and distribute it evenly across a space. You can even have solar panels to provide the energy for them.

Ceiling configurations

More and more commercial premises are moving away from traditional false or T bar ceilings. Instead a lot of businesses choose to go with the industrial look of leaving the concrete and amenities visible. This can cause some issues with the lighting though. There may be concerns about consistency and getting the right installations. However, once again there are lots of products to explore. You could opt for surface mounted lights, suspended ones, or other options.

Get it right with commercial architecture

Even the best commercial building can struggle to achieve its goals if you get the lighting wrong. At the same time, mistakes here can result in a much larger carbon footprint. It is better to look at the options and find the greenest solutions. Coffey Architects can help with that.

So, if you want to talk to us about your plans for commercial architecture, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We love talking about different ideas and looking at how we can enhance designs.