The best commercial kitchen layouts for businesses

When our team tackles a commercial architecture project, we fully commit to it. That means you get our full attention for the duration of the work, whatever it involves. For instance, you might want us to help with a new build. Or, the job could be smaller in scale like renovations or a change in layout. In every case, we can and will come through for you.

Commercial architectureThe heart of every restaurant is the kitchen. The food that comes out of it, as well as how quickly it moves, makes or breaks the customers’ experience. The right commercial kitchen layout can decide how smoothly your restaurant functions. When you strategically design it, the back-of-house staff can work at their best. On the other hand, if it has a bad design or layout it can easily become an obstacle for your staff. That can cause all kinds of problems.

Assembly line layout

There are several layouts you can choose here that are all beneficial in their own ways. We will begin with the assembly line style. It includes an island that begins with food prep and ends with the final dish. Such a layout aids the repeat production of numerous dishes of the same type. It functions best with many cooks that all have a part to play in the food’s production. Restaurants with limited menus and fast-food establishments will benefit from this kind of kitchen the most.

Zone style layout

The second type we will talk about is the zone style variety. This produces different zones for all the activities that go on in a kitchen. For instance, there could be a baking station, a frying one, a meat one, and so on. In addition to keeping things organised, this layout enables you to prepare separate dishes concurrently. If your restaurant has a diverse menu and many staff members, this could be best for you.

Designing every element of commercial architecture

At Coffey Architects, we have had the pleasure to work with countless clients over the years. As a result, we have built up a reputation for designing high quality, unique pieces of architecture. From beginning to end, we are there supporting our clients in every way we can. Whether it is a large building with a huge kitchen or smaller spaces, we can make the most of them.

If you wish to work with us too, please get in contact with our team. You can tell us your ideas for the commercial architecture. We can look at them with you and offer our insights.