Developing formal and philosophical design approaches

Commercial architectureWe are an award winning business that strives to provide the greatest forms of commercial architecture. Our teams assist clients in bringing their plans from paper to reality. We go over every detail so we can ensure that things go according to plan. Most importantly, we will make sure that your spaces are as functional as you intend them to be.

One of the most important parts of architecture in general is to know how to create architectural concepts. There are many ways you can approach your designs during the early phases. You can draw upon the specific areas during your project and weave them together when the time is right. Two approaches we are going to look at here are formal and philosophical.

Getting formal

With this design approach, you draw on the formal language of architecture. You do this to develop your concept. People look towards architecture coming from the classic period. They do so to inform their approach to crafting the conventional rules of the design. The classic orders are among the earliest architectural language systems. They provide formality to form, scale, and proportion. This design might not be classical in style. However, it could be that the formal rules for scale, proportions, and such are translated into a modern building.

Be philosophical

One other approach to these concepts would be to think about your design philosophy. This would be the values you use to inform your design. Said values could be a reflection of the site’s context or your brief. It might be the designer’s life values. There may even be a combination of the three.

Taking the right approach to commercial architecture

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