Commercial architecture and mixed-use structures

We are a business with a great history. We have had the pleasure to work in various areas, including homes, housing, and commercial architecture. It does not matter what our team is doing however. We have the skills to cater for numerous demands. This includes delivery, deadlines, budgets, and strategic objectives. In other words, you can depend on us for every aspect of the project.

Popularity, decline and resurgence

Commercial architectureSometimes, a structure that is just commercial is not enough. People want more. Thus, they go for structures that have other facilities. Until the 1920s it was common in some places to find pedestrian friendly, mixed-use structures. Due to the introduction of the automobile though, these buildings were no longer essential. As a result they fell out of popularity.

However, since the 1980s, the ideology of mixed-use structures has seen a resurgence. Developers are aiming to boost the quality of life in areas that are relatively dense. They also want to stimulate the economic growth. The way to do this is with buildings that have many uses.

What is a mixed-use building?

There are people who won’t know what these structures are. They are any piece of property that has any combination of industrial, cultural, residential and commercial architecture. As a result they can serve many purposes.

People who work and live in these buildings can benefit from easy access to all kinds of facilities. For instance, there may be multifamily housing and civic facilities. Offices and restaurants can be part of them too.

The inhabitants benefit

Developers benefit from properties like this. Tenants and leasing agents do too. Companies love the living spaces that are close to the employees. In turn, each employee will like the short commute to everything in the building.

You might want to build a mixed-use building. If you do, it will be ideal for revitalising blighted or underdeveloped areas.

Creative commercial architecture

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