Choose an architect London is proud to have

Finding the finest architect London has to offer, yet also respects that budget limitations are a stark reality of life in the famous city, and has been a challenge for years, if not decades, for many. It was with a mind to meet this challenge that celebrated architect Phil Coffey set up Coffey Architects a decade ago. For Coffey Architects the only limitation in design should be the imagination of those commissioning and creating it. With courage and conviction, the professional, dedicated team can accommodate design aspirations to within the constraints of a fixed budget.

Coffey Architects have over the years garnered the respect of their peers and contemporaries, having received and been short-listed for several prestigious awards, in particular the highly respected RIBA Stephen Lawrence Prize. For Phil Coffey and his carefully chosen team of dedicated designers, however, there has been no greater reward or recognition than seeing the dreams, wishes and hopes of those who come to them with a requirement for architectural plans being realised and the designs coming into being.

For any architect London work presents a significant, perhaps globally unique challenge. This most famous of cities, admired and revered around the world, is rightly proud of its history – a history expressed frequently through its appearance and legacy or architectural achievement. To balance a respect for this history, one that is often enforced by restrictions on what renovations can be done in certain areas, with the wish to have their own look and feel in place – indeed, to become part of London’s legacy – is a daunting challenge, even for the most experienced of architects. Coffey Architects, however, thrive on this challenge. Delivering a design that is at once as unique as the vision of the person commissioning yet can also be perfectly blended into the existing, natural location where the works is commissioned for is a particular strength of Coffey Architects.

With this sensitivity for the environment, the harsh realities of inflexible budgets and the hopes and wishes of those commissioning architectural work, as one would expect Coffey Architects are in demand both across the rest of the UK and indeed throughout the rest of the world. From internal remodelling, revamping and renovation to external reconstruction and re-imagining – as well as starting projects from square one – Coffey Architects have the desire, the drive and the ability to realise all hopes and wishes for design and architecture plans into an attainable reality.