As architects in London we have a well established reputation

Of all the architects London proudly gives a home to the designs of, few have commanded the respect and admiration of Coffey Architects. This team of passionate and dedicated architects, sharing the vision and following the lead of founder Phil Coffey, are increasingly finding their innovative, considerate and cost effective plans and designs being sought after throughout London, across the UK and indeed from all corners of the world.

Coffey Architects are a group of professional designers and planners that share Phil Coffey’s belief in what architects can and should deliver to all those who engage their services. First and foremost in regards of ambition is to ensure that the hopes, visions of and aspirations that clients bring to them are not only met but fulfilled. This is something complemented by Coffey Architects natural affinity for imbuing a sense of the history and existing surroundings into the designs as an integral part of the complete vision of the project. Coffey Architects would of course no more compromise your perspective on the perfect design to achieve this than you would want the designs to conflict with the natural, existing surroundings.

Whether your requirement is for an interior renovation project, an exterior revamp or reconstruction or a combination of two, Coffey Architects are the finest architects London can offer to deliver comprehensive plans designed with a specific, set budget in mind. With nearly a decade of experience in meeting the ambitions and the budgetary constraints of a project, Coffey Architects have the professional skill and ability to deliver designs that perfectly meet all requirements.

The potential and possibilities available from Coffey Architects is perhaps best personified in their celebrated work for the London St Patrick’s School Music Room and Library. This modest project, brought to Coffey Architects with an understandably low budget, was delivered with a level of flair and panache that saw the development of what felt like a perfectly natural rejuvenation of the entire facility. Coffey Architects were not only credited with this development from their plans, but also recognized for it too as they were awarded the prestigious RIBA Stephen Lawrence Prize for their work.

Architects are infamous for avoiding attention being drawn to awards they have won, but the Stephen Lawrence Prize is particularly valued. The award is only issued to those who display a level of awareness and affection for the area in which they unveil their designs and plans, as well as ensuring they reflect the community in which they exist. Whereas this is not an easy combination to balance and deliver, Coffey Architects strive to see the same sentiments expressed in all their architectural work.