Residential architecture that makes London unique

The challenges to Residential Architecture London poses can be quite intimidating and a little overbearing. Limited space in the city often suggests limited scope for what architectural work is possible, and the respectful yet still restrictive controls on what can be done to change the sense of history and ambiance of London’s world famous landscape can feel prohibitive. Refreshingly, Coffey Architects are a team of dedicated, professional designers who are adept at adapting the realisation of all intended and hoped for architectural work comfortably within the challenges posed by doing this in London. That they continuously deliver this whilst meeting the toughest of budgetary constraints has seen their services become sought after across London, the rest of the United Kingdom and increasingly on a global level.

Although Phil Coffey has imbued within his team the confidence and courage to match any dream with design, residential work remains the pride and the passion of Coffey Architects. Being trusted to realise the hopes for homes people approach with is one of the greatest honours and finest compliments an architect can attain. Because of this, Coffey Architects ensure that they respond with not only a professional service, but also a reciprocal level of integrity, sensitivity and respect to all planning and design work undertaken.

Many are fearful of even contemplating that residential architecture London is even a possibility for them. The truth is, it is. Whilst most would – quite understandably – be reluctant to dramatically change or alter the external appearance of an Edwardian or Victorian terraced house within London, the interior is quite a different matter. Often it is the case that the interior of such historic houses can greatly benefit from being renovated and revamped, in particular – and if budget allows – when this is complemented with external restoration work. Little reflects the sense and attraction of the famous city of London as the idea of a respected history on the outside of a building revealing progressive, modern living within. These are the dreams and designs that Coffey Architects exists for and strives to meet.

Whether your dream is to dramatically restructure and revamp the interior of your home or if you simply wish to introduce one or two subtle, personal changes to the appearance Coffey Architects London office welcomes the challenge of making it into a reality. Coffey Architects are dedicated to delivering what you want and not in diverting you towards what you might simply accept instead. Your dreams and aspirations for your home deserve and can expect our dedicated design delivery.