What sets commercial architecture design apart from residential?

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You can’t ignore the major differences between designing commercial and residential structures. The backbone of both designs is the same; create sustainable and robust infrastructure. In addition, you must respect local building regulations. However, creating commercial buildings demands a proper understanding of structural integrity and how to scale a design. Architects must also think about the build settings.


The infrastructure and structural elements are vital here. You must communicate and understand them. This is true with every type of property. In residential design, you may not need a deep understanding of infrastructure. It’s the same with safety planning. This is because the buildings are usually a smaller scale. However, it is different with commercial design. The building’s envelope and size are both considerably bigger so there is more to think about.

The focus

Residential design focuses on meeting family needs. This can be quite a narrow focus. Commercial designs have to cater for business purposes and have to meet a wider array of needs. Moreover, the buildings must integrate with the area.

On paper, you might see commercial designs as simple extensions of residential ones. This is not true though and there is far more to consider. Even simple parts of the design could have an impact on other areas. Take office blocks for example. Architects can’t just think about the meeting rooms and desks. They need to plan for on-site parking and toilet facilities as well.

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