Exterior design tips to boost your commercial architecture

Exterior design conveys different messages to your customers. Therefore it is important that you get it right. Good designs will build trust, inform visitors and complement your brand. Whatever piece of commercial architecture it is, from a small shop to a large office block, you should invest in the exterior.

At Coffey Architects we have a lot of experience with commercial exteriors. Below we offer some of our top tips on how you can improve them.


You need to ensure the interior of your property has a good amount of natural light. Therefore you should think about windows. These are more than just an opening to let light in though; they also add character to the building. Think about the size, shape, frame material, decor, and more. You can also use uplighting to give the exterior an elegant colour.

Materials and Texture

When you look at building materials you should also think about the texture. This can add depth to a design. You can also have textures that complement each other. Another thing to think about is how you can combine style and durability. Overall, make sure you focus on achieving the look you want, whether it is sleek and modern, warm and rustic, or lots of decor.


You need to make sure every part of the commercial architecture looks like it is meant to be together. You should look to create a flow and cohesive design, even if you want to contrast materials. Lighting can also make transitions between buildings easier.

The Entrance

The main entrance will attract the most attention. It needs to be attractive to look at and make people want to step inside. This is the perfect place to go bold with things like colour, materials and decor. Just make sure all the features you choose work well together instead of looking out of place.


If you don’t have a great looking green space outside your building you are missing out. More people want to work with businesses that show they care about the environment. You can do this and also improve the air quality around the building. Think about what plants to choose and how much upkeep they will need. It is great to go with native plants but always think about how long they will take to grow in.

If you need help designing the exterior of a piece of commercial architecture, speak to the Coffey Architects team. We can offer lots of ideas and enhance any you already have.