What could you be providing more of to customers?

Our team is one with experience in designing a large variety of structures. This includes a huge array of workplaces. In fact, we are one of the most reputable teams working in commercial architecture. With the designs we conceive, our clients find it much easier to thrive.

Online shopping is a bigger business every year. As a result it makes it harder for small scale retailers to get their share of profits. A great design is where the physical shopping experience begins. Therefore, you have to take a close look at your retail space. Figure out if you could be providing more to the customers so you keep them coming back.


Commercial architectureOne thing you may need to offer is a sequential experience. If you want success you need to plan how the customer will behave deliberately. In the literal sense, it is about preparing the shop’s layout so they have the optimal experience.

As for the figurative side, it is about the chronological path everyone uses to get there. The first place to start is to boost awareness of the shop via advertising. This can entice people to visit and look around the shop. Next, we have the actual visit. Lastly, there is exploring, browsing, and purchasing something. You want all of these things to work together to make people come to you, look around, and then buy.

Invite participation

customer participationAnother thing you might want to think about is inviting customer participation. Excellent visual communication will invite people to take part in the shopping experience. An example would be by guaranteeing that staff members are visible and happy to help. This is really useful and makes the experience more personal. It also means you are less likely to lose people who can’t find what they want.

This phase of the design procedure is also about giving customers something they are unable to find online. It could be the chance to try something on. Alternatively, it may be one-to-one help and advice.

The best commercial architecture for retail

At Coffey Architects, our designs are always acoustically controlled and comfortable. Moreover, we make sure they are functional too. They actively aid owners in attracting and retaining customers.

If our commercial architecture interests you and you would like to learn more, please contact us. We can answer questions and add lots of value to your project if you work with us.