Essential accessibility features within commercial buildings

Coffey Architects is a firm that has been operating for over a decade. During this time, we have had the pleasure to take on numerous projects. Many of them have been for commercial architecture in particular. For example, if you want a new design for an office building, we can deliver and then some.

Commercial architectureMost of us are blessed to have the physical ability to move through the workplace easily. For thousands of other people though, things are different. There are people who have functional disabilities. These affect their ability to climb stairs, see, hear alerts, or walk. Accessing these structures is not merely about complying with the law; it is also about making them enjoyable and functional for those who use them. As a result, it is critical for commercial building designs to prioritise access. These are features you should include in yours.

Exterior access

Accessibility begins outside a structure with aspects like clear, bold signage and bright lighting. Others include designated parking spots and a ramp curve with a slope beneath 1:20. The parking would need extra width for manoeuvrability. It is also useful to have a spacious main door that uses sensors to open automatically. If the main door is not disability-friendly, then you should have a secondary door.

Interior features

Accessibility is even more vital inside. Here, it is as much about getting rid of barriers as it is producing features that are disability-friendly. For instance, you should avoid steps where you can. Install lifts or ramps in places where you can’t avoid them. Offices, reception areas, and corridors should ideally be open. Give them wide lanes to help with traffic flow. As for deliveries, it is best to keep them at set spaces so they don’t obstruct the walkways.

Design commercial architecture with us

At Coffey Architects, we take details like accessibility into consideration. This is something we do every time we work on a project. When a client has not considered it, we suggest ideas to them. As a result we can help create buildings that are great for everyone.

If you would like to discuss your own plans for commercial architecture with us, you are welcome to get in touch. Our experience is a great resource and we can manage everything for you.