Restaurant lighting done properly

If you’re after someone who specialises in commercial architecture, then look no further. Coffey Architects has years of experience and a first rate team of experts. Our people have taken on projects not just in the UK, but also all over the world. The jobs may vary in scale but we put in the same amount of effort every time.

Restaurants can be quite tricky to design. You might have sorted out most of the details and be happy with the layout. However, there could be something that still doesn’t feel right. Usually the problem is with the lighting. The issue is that bad lighting can harm the interior decor and even repel customers. To prevent any displeasing outcomes, you need to get the light design perfect.

Too many fixtures

Introducing lots of fixtures is easily the most common lighting mistake that people make. It can result in the light being too harsh. Some people may start comparing it to an interrogation room.

The secret here is to get the colour temperature, wattage, and placement correct. Make plans to include a suitable number of light fittings. Additionally, arrange them based on how big the space is. This will turn your establishment into the intimate atmosphere it was always meant to be.

Natural light

Another thing you can do to make the lighting less harsh is to use as much natural light as possible. Large windows are great, especially if there are nice views. Just think about how you will keep the space lit as it gets dark outside. If you do go with large windows, make sure you also think about privacy.

Create a mood

Whilst picking your lights, it’s essential to remember that fixtures do more than supply light for everyone. They create the mood as well. If you’re unsure what this should be for your establishment, think about its elements. This includes the formality of the dining experience you want. Consider the interior’s colour and the food you serve too.

At Coffey Architects, we can assist you with the lighting in any kind of commercial architecture if you are struggling with it. In fact, we can aid you with anything that’s currently causing you problems. This includes managing the project and getting planning permission.

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