Commercial architecture is always pushing boundaries

With commercial architecture, your building must be functional. This way, it can support the services your business offers. If you’ve never taken part in designing one of these properties before, then you’ll want a top team helping you. Having specialised in this area for over a decade, we would love to take on the job.

An interesting fact about commercial buildings is that they’re always pushing boundaries. Most often the designer will look at where functionality and business goals meet innovation and creativity. Office spaces still play an essential part in a company’s success. They support technological advancements and your brand, optimise work flow, and more. The following are some of the ways in which property owners are achieving these results.

How to innovate but preserve a building?

Many designs combine innovation and character. Fashion and design is cyclical. The old meets new trend is one aspect of this sequence. You can see it in projects where people update and revive old structures. At the same time, they retain the historic character. This can result in buildings that provide the best of both worlds.

Eco-friendly designs

Another thing people commonly do is introduce an eco-friendly design. This is something that’s showing no signs of slowing down. After all businesses are always looking for ways of cutting costs. In addition, they want to take an active role in earth and employee wellness. They want to improve their social responsibility too. A green design can do all of this.

Eco-friendly designs include passive building designs and solar roof tiles. Living rooftops and walls are also great examples of green technology. Energy efficient cooling and heating systems are a favourite too. Brands are more aware than ever before that green matters to employees and clients alike.

At Coffey Architects, we can help you to design commercial architecture in ways that ensure it pleases everyone. We know that this is something every property owner wants. Working with our team, you’ll be able to make this a reality.

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