Meeting the demands of commercial architecture

In the world of commercial architecture it is important to be considerate to the practical and ergonomic use of the building as it is to be sensitive to the aesthetic appearance of it, just as one would with a residential property. When it comes to a building that companies are to conduct business in, the outlay and style must be conducive to the practicalities of work as well as being a pleasant, pleasing place to work. Coffey architects are renowned and recognized for bringing all of these vital elements and qualities to their work.

As Coffey Architects approaches the milestone of a decade of design excellence the idea of resting and basking on achievements so far is simply not in the nature of either the founder, the highly admired Phil Coffey, or the dedicated team he has in place. Whilst the awards and recognition Coffey Architects have garnered – as well as the indelible impression the commercial architecture work they have delivered, making an indelible impression on the appearance of London and across the world – serve to assure those seeking the finest of architects of their abilities, it is towards the future that the practice looks. Coffey Architects are always looking towards delivering more innovation and satisfaction in the next project they embark upon.

Whether the requirement is for renovation of a premises or is an entirely new build, the commercial architecture project work undertaken by Coffey Architects will realise and fulfil all of the aspirations and practical sensibilities you have in place. The dynamics of the approach used by the practice mean that our clients are intricately involved with all points of the process, allowing for all ideas and potential possibilities to be discussed, challenged and worked on to get the project down to the perfection you seek and expect.

The abilities of Coffey Architects – which see traditional values of the London look effortlessly blended with the sensibilities and style of modern living – have attained such a level of reputation that the practice is actively sought out around the world. Several companies have noted the qualities of the commercial architecture projects Phil and the team have delivered, extending an invitation to the practice to present them with the same calibre of style and design for which they have become so well-known and regarded.

Whether within London, across the UK or in any corner of our planet, Coffey Architects are always honoured to discuss and develop the commercial architecture requirements individuals or businesses have. For the most discerning and distinguished of work this practice has become the premier choice for all who are aware of their magnificent work and contribution towards architecture.