Architects like us are able to create brilliance and share it with the world

When it comes to naming the finest architects London has there’s a formidable and impressive number of candidates. Architects in London have, after all, been called upon and sought after worldwide, such is the stature and reputation they appreciate from around the globe. At Coffey Architects we have a healthy appreciation for being considered as one of the leading architects the capital city has to offer, but our pride is reserved for ensuring the ideas and aspirations our valued clients have for design are always met.

Coffey Architects have become a quintessential element of 21st Century London, with our award winning designs and projects touching every aspect and element of the appearance of the city. Our dynamic team were all carefully chosen by our founder, Phil Coffey, for their shared vision and exceptional ability to blend the ideas, wishes and practical requirements of our clients with an intrinsic sense and consideration for the overall look and feel of London. A balance between the two must always be struck, but of course, first and foremost, meeting the wants, needs and expectations of our clients is always the priority.

Our dynamic range of work over the last decade, be it in respect of home renovations, new houses, business and office premises or public building, has garnered both the appreciation of those who commissioned us and the admiration of all who have seen our plans and project management come to fruition. This admiration has extended to our services being called upon from across the UK and from around the world. Whilst this is of course a flattering tribute to the work we have done, our hope is that for the most part this reputation of ours gives you the confidence to know you are quite right to select us to serve your needs.

From our position as one of the leading architects London has, we are sensitive to the constraints everyone is experiencing in these testing economic times. Our focus is, then, very much on ensuring that we deliver the luxurious, ambitious plans and ideas you have in the most cost-effective, moderately budgeted way possible. Whilst no one is going to say architectural and building work is cheap, it does not mean that as a consequence it has to be prohibitively expensive. Our material and resource management ensures we deliver the highest quality at the lowest, realistic costing.

At Coffey Architects we are delighted to make our leading services and expertise affordable and attainable for anyone who aspires to change, renovate, remodel or re-imagine their property. We look forward to learning of your plans and ideas, confident that we can help them come into being.