Making commercial architecture blend in

For decades the trend in commercial architecture has been to create buildings that stand out. There are many incredible examples of this all around the world, including the Shard in London as well as the new Apple Campus in LA. Although these designs can be attractive, they can have a huge impact on an area. Consequently, architects are now starting to consider the wider settings in which their buildings are based.

The move is great and can see more effort to make sure that new architecture will blend in to the existing setting. This can provide many benefits including preserving the local area and retaining the character.

Open architecture

One of the incredible things that modern architecture can do is actually open up and become part of the community. Little design touches can increase accessibility and ensure that the new buildings interact with their surroundings effectively.

To get it right you must consider four important things. Firstly the site needs to be explored carefully. Instead of looking solely at the amount of space, it is wise to look at the surroundings too. This can provide a better insight into the wider context. With this in mind you can then start to look at the positioning, including where the building itself will be located.

The final two considerations are the exterior and interior. A well designed exterior will ensure the building sits perfectly in the setting. The interior can have a big impact too. A great thing to do is ensure that it seamlessly connects with outside. Things like windows and large doors allow this, creating better flow.

Setting trends

The important thing to keep in mind is that commercial architecture is always more visible than residential. As a result it has the opportunity to create trends. If larger premises are looking to integrate with their surroundings and enrich an area, housing designs will likely follow.

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