Constructing a commercial rooftop garden

Commercial architecture is something we are very familiar with, having completed many projects revolved around it in the past. Using our talents as well as extensive knowledge of the sector, we can produce first class complexes that suit a plethora of specifications. Committed and hard working, ours is a team you can depend on.

Introduce a garden

Landscaped gardens surrounding commercial constructs are a brilliant suggestion. However, the majority of buildings come with space limitations. This can complicate matters. It’s true that there are advantages to having live plants in work spaces. Nevertheless, a large number of companies simply lack the room to make it all happen. For such situations, the best alternative would be to create a rooftop garden.

There are some essential considerations you need to think about prior to beginning construction though. For instance, you must have easy and safe access to the roof. It will require approval for pedestrian traffic too. Additionally, the waterproof membrane has to remain unscathed and shielded from your garden. Think about the weather as well, and see if there’s anything you can do to block the elements.

Always consider safety

Something else you should do before starting is having a structural engineer check the roof’s load capacity. In particular, you need to concentrate on its potential to hold water tanks and garden beds.

See to it that you secure the roof edges by introducing railings. Just make sure you don’t put anything too close to them; they could become a hazard. If you’re unfamiliar with the height regulations surrounding the railings, seek advice from your local council.

At Coffey Architects, we design commercial architecture to ensure they add value for the customer. Throughout the project’s entirety, we stay focused on achieving your goals. At the end, what we hope to bring you are results of an unsurpassable quality.

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