Make the staff areas more comfortable

Commercial architectureBuilding and modifying commercial architecture is different to working on standard properties. You need to consider a host of different details. For the inexperienced, things can be very confusing. There is no need to worry when you are working with us though, because we know how to handle every situation. We can look at issues and then find the right way to solve them.

If your property has a staff rest area, take a few minutes and think about it. The majority of individuals don’t really enjoy being at work. That being said, they still spend roughly 40 hours a week there. Thus, it makes sense for you to make the staff rooms as comfortable as possible. We have some advice on this subject that we would like to share.


Depending on what shape your roof is, a corner sofa would be ideal to give off the impression of a trendy, modern setting. Put in several of them while you are at it. At the same time, you will have more seating than a standard 2 to 3 seater sofa. Go for a material that is simple to clean too. No matter how careful your employees are, there will always be accidents. Avoid light shades for this same reason.

Bring in some plants

Once you are done with the sofas, bring in a few plants and put them around the room. They are outstanding ornaments, particularly when they flower. Just ensure you organise a watering rota if you intend to keep them thriving.

There are a number of plants that have actually been proven to enhance air quality. This means you will be creating a healthier environment too. A good choice would be to use aloe vera plants as they are easy to maintain.


The goal of every staff room is to help people step away from work for a few minutes. With that in mind, you should design the room to promote relaxation. Also, make sure it feels separate from the main workspace. Plus, ensure you include any amenities people might want like a kettle.

Let us work with you to maximise your commercial architecture

At Coffey Architects, we help clients maximise the potential of every part of their commercial buildings. With the right design, your workforce shall be focused, productive, and happy whilst on the job. It can be a really rewarding investment.

So, if you would like our help to design your next piece of commercial architecture, please let us know. It could be an office, a warehouse, a data centre, a hotel, or any other kind of building.