You need the best designs for building envelopes

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Commercial buildings make up a considerable amount of British infrastructure. However, you have to ask yourself how you can design them for superior energy efficiency. A number of innovative approaches exist that architects, engineers and designers can use to improve the efficiency. This is without having to forgo experience or aesthetics too. One of the best ways to do this is to have a high quality building envelope.

A detail that needs examining

Commercial architectureThe building envelope may not be the first detail that enters your mind when planning for energy efficiency. However, it plays an essential role. One of the leading draws of power in commercial structures is cooling and heating. Combined, the two make up a significant portion of energy usage. The building envelope shall dictate how well your cooling and heating systems work, so you need to get the design right.

Let’s say that your building envelope isn’t correctly optimised for the structure’s particular dimensions or location. Alternatively, it may have a lacklustre insulation. Here, the HVAC system will not be able to function efficiently and you’ll waste energy and money.

A poor building envelope is not unlike driving a vehicle with a leaky petrol tank. You might fill it to capacity. However, you are not going to get your money’s worth when there is fuel leaking out instead of going to the engine.

This is one place where the entire building approach is extremely useful. Take a step back to gain a big-picture perspective of things. Think about the building and how people will use it. This shall help with designing an envelope you can optimise for energy efficiency. It is vital to employ top tier insulation materials too, especially if you want to be sustainable and low carbon.

Creating beautiful envelopes for commercial architecture

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