Is health the main priority with commercial architecture?

Every piece of commercial architecture is unique. Even ones that have a very similar model and layout will have some slight difference. At the other end, large HQs and offices can differ dramatically. With each property, it all comes down to priorities. What is the most important thing to ensure the building will be successful?

The priority for each piece of architecture will be just as unique as the design. It could be something like maximising productivity or allowing collaboration. Or, it could be effectively displaying goods for sale or maximising engagement. It is important to have the right priorities.


commercial architectureSurprisingly, a lot of architects now cite health as the biggest priority on projects. A good design can actually have positive impacts on physical and emotional wellbeing. Buildings that do improve health can be very successful and prove to be a much better investment than those that fail to consider it.

A design can promote better health in a number of ways. For example it can:

Provide better lighting and daylighting – this can improve eye health, attention, performance, and more. As a result it should be at the core of every design.

Enhance thermal comfort – when a building is too hot or too cold it will have a big impact on the people inside. So, it is much better to try to get optimum temperatures at all times. Flexible heating controls can really help with this.

Improve air quality – nobody wants to be in a building where the air is dirty. Instead, your design should make it clean and fresh. Think of how you can purity it, ensure good circulation, and use things like flowers and dehumidifiers.

Get good acoustic performance – there is a clear link between health problems and loud working environments. It could trigger stress, anxiety, hearing damage, and more. So, you should design with acoustics in mind, making sure properties won’t be noisy and uninhabitable.

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At Coffey Architects we know all about the health benefits of great designs. In fact, we have designed several commercial buildings with this priority. You can view some of them on our website to get an idea of the designs.

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