How to make an office more sustainable

Sustainability is very important when it comes to commercial architecture. These buildings have the potential to be much greener. Even small changes could save a lot of energy and resources over the life of the building. At Coffey Architects we can support clients who want to make spaces greener. We can do this while also ensuring the design is wonderful.


Even a small office can consume more resources than it should. It is easy to be wasteful with power, stationery, and more. However, with help from an architect you could be much greener.


For starters, you can be better when it comes to waste. Firstly, you can make people change their behaviour so they use stationary properly. You can also put facilities in place so people can recycle. You can also look at how you can reuse things rather than throwing them away.


There are many things an office can do to save power. For example they can be more thoughtful with how they use lights, heating and air con. They can also choose modern, energy saving technology such as LED lights. Architects can help to design a space with as much natural lighting and ventilation as possible.


Employers can encourage people to be greener in how they travel to and from work. One thing they can do is offer more safe storage for bicycles. They can also ensure there are showers, changing rooms and storage for clothing and personal items. The shower facilities can use water efficiently so they are as green as possible.


It is not just the operations within the building that can be more sustainable. Another thing you can look at is where you procure items from. Think local to reduce how far they need to travel and the carbon footprint. You should also look at the full life cost of items. A bigger upfront cost is worth it if the items will last much longer.

Commercial architecture

If you want an architect to help you make your building more sustainable, Coffey Architects is the team for you. This is an area where we have a lot of experience. We can look at every aspect of the building to see how we can improve this. We can then make all kinds of useful alterations, including changing the internal layout if necessary.

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