Expanding natural light elegantly

We are a team that includes architects with a huge amount of talent and open minds. For years, our goal has been to assist clients so they get the perfect services. Along the way we have had the pleasure to design a number of truly special buildings. This includes some of the finest commercial architecture the UK has ever seen. We can design a property to suit any kind of brief.

More natural light

Commercial architectureWith each passing day, we find more people wanting a higher amount of natural light in commercial buildings. This is because they are aware of the energy saving benefits it can offer. It is the same for the advantages relating to wellbeing and overall health. What’s more, they wish to generate a ‘wow-factor’. This is with huge expanses of overhead and vertical glazing.

Rooms with windows may be ones you consider naturally lit spots. However, daylight experts would state that the room must employ natural light as the main source of daytime lighting. This is for everyone to consider it as daylight lit. In addition, they would say the interior space and outside setting must connect seamlessly. In addition, the natural light has to create a location that is thermally comfortable.

Top lighting

There is good news here fortunately. Top lighting permits as much as 30% more natural light to enter your spaces. This is when you compare to vertical glazing that is an identical size.

Something else top lighting does is connect individuals with the sky above. It brings it down to the roof below, producing a great affect.

With there being so many possibilities, specifying a decent lighting solution is not hard. What we really need to do here is choose one that can expand daylighting on projects gracefully.

Help designing commercial architecture

At Coffey Architects, we aid our clients with everything. This includes gaining planning permission as well as designing the final product. In the end, what we want is something that can make you thrive.

If you would like to work with a leading company specialising in commercial architecture, please contact us. Whatever stage your project is at, rely on us to help.